Suzuki GS1000E 1979

by petervog

Make: Suzuki
Model: GS1000E
Year: 1979
Mileage: 27,000 kms

Totally original, unrestored model in perfect running condition. Will be fully serviced prior to sale. Can ship anywhere in the world.

Model History:
Suzuki used their formula of reliability and light weight on the GS1100S, with a two stage oil pump and large oil cooler as part of their Advanced Cooling System.  The big four pulled 90 hp and 62 ft.-lbs. on the dyno, not leading the class until “Pops” Yoshimura worked his magic.  Air adjustable forks were part of the GS line, but conventional hydraulic rear shocks were easier to adjust.  A second 295mm front disk was added to the -S in anticipation of higher speeds.  Lower handlebars served to keep the rider in the air pocket created by the BMW-esque cockpit fairing.

Yoshimura came over to Suzuki for the 1978 AMA season, running Wes Cooley on the tricked out GS1000S.  Despite not winning a Superbike event in 1979, Cooley’s podium consistency gave him the championship.  1980 saw a three-way battle between Cooley, Freddie Spencer (Honda) and Eddie Lawson (Kawasaki), where it was up in the air until two late-season wins gave Cooley the championship.

Wes Cooley Replicas show up for sale frequently, but real ones are exceptionally rare: just 700 of the 1980 models were built, and even fewer were made in 1979. Regardless, it’s a very rare bike. The 1980 bikes were updated with electronic ignition, slotted brake rotors, and other minor cosmetic changes, including a stepped seat for extra passenger comfort… on your superbike. Otherwise, you’re looking at pretty typical 1970s UJM specifications: air-cooled dual-overhead cam inline-four displacing 997cc, five speed gearbox, and a dual-shock rear suspension.

The market for factory replicas is hot right now, especially from the 1980s era of Superbike racing. These were the days of low-tech, skinny tires, big handlebars and manly men riders. Air-cooled, inline fours with two-valve heads and a quartet of carbs ruled the track. Motors were impossibly wide, bias-ply tires were (by today’s standards) impossibly skinny, forks were still conventional and had yet to be turned upside down, and brake rotors had yet to grow to the insane proportions of current hardware. This was a key period of sport bike development, and this fantastic 1980 Suzuki GS1000S “Wes Cooley” replica highlights all that was right about the moment

Technical Specification

Manufacturer (Make) Suzuki
Model Name GS 1000 E
Year 1979
Category(class) Sport
Engine Capacity (Displacement) 997 ccm (60.84 cubic inches)
Engine Type inline, 4 cylinders
Bore x Stroke Ø70.0 mm x 64.8 mm (Ø2.76 inches x 2.55 inches)
Bore/Stroke Ratio 1.08
Stroke 4
Valves per Cylinder 2
Timing System DOHC
Cooling System Air
Gearbox 5 speed
Front Brakes Dual disc
Rear Brakes Single disc
Front Tire 3.50-19
Rear Tire 4.50-17
Curb Weight 255 kg (562 lb)
Fuel Capacity 20 litres (5.28 gallons)
Max Power 90.00 HP (65.7 kW) at 8200 RPM
Power/Weight Ratio 0.35 Hp/Kg
Top Speed 219 km/h (136mph)

Acceleration (dart, speedup) time 
0-100 km/h 4.8 seconds
0-60 mph 4.6 seconds
1/4 mile –
60 to 140 km/h, highest gear –


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